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Hey guys so I had a couple of interviews with a well known debt/equity shop for an Analyst position and I think I will be getting an offer.

I have around 3 years general RE and pretty much zero deal experience and only experience on Office. Team I would be working with does everything (office, multi, retail, industrial, student housing and even sometime hotels). I would like to see other asset classes and get exposure to deals. My only thing is, I have absolutely zero interest in a career path as broker. I really would love this experience as an Analyst however I don't want to jump ship yet again from a firm in 2-3 years when I'm itching to go back to an Owner/Operator/Fund or whomever. My ultimate goal is AM or Development however I feel I'm getting beat out by guys in interviews who have previous deal experience.

Would appreciate any input!

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Jan 4, 2019

At my shop the general energy is to push analysts/associates towards being a broker/producer. However, many analysts/associates don't really stick around to be a broker and its been average to see them leave after 2 to 3 years hopping to the buyside in Acquisitions, Development, Asset Management, some go onto bigger roles in sell-side like origination. I will say though that most of the junior staff that get hired don't come from buyside; many were previously from a sell-side role.

What exactly are you doing in your current role, or what team are you properly a part of?


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Jan 4, 2019

I'll PM you thanks

Jan 4, 2019

can you explain how you're 3 years on the buy-side with zero deal experience?

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Jan 6, 2019