Going to a MSF, is a sub-par review from a previous job going to effect me? - Been working at a BB

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So I have been working at a BB in a MO role in Asia for the past two yrs and am heading off to Europe for a Masters degree in late fall. I am planning to apply to banking roles when recruiting season starts.

Ideally, I wanted a FO role since the beginning, but given that my undergrad school was a non-target combined with the fact that my job search took place soon after the Lehman Crash, I was unable to obtain a banking position. I was able to land a MO role, but because of my lack of interest and the boring nature of the work, coupled with the fact that it's a dead end job, I was never really into it and feel as though I do not have the best of relations with my manager. Over the past yr, my motivation has tanked and I feel I would not get the best of reviews come yr end.

Should I be worried about this when I apply for banking jobs in the fall in London (given that the banking industry is a small world)? I feel that I am thinking too much but just want your inputs about my situation. Will the MSc program give me a fresh start?

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Jun 14, 2011

You should try to kiss ass so you survive long enough to leave without a negative review.

Still I Rise

Jun 14, 2011