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OK- yet another Fuqua question: Do you guys know if Goldman goes to Fuqua for on campus rec.? According to Fuqua's emp. report they have hired 1 full time and 7 interns last year. Not sure about the allocation though- if all of those are for PWM (like Kenan-Flagler) than that's not very good. Can someone either from Goldman or Fuqua shed some light on this one- or whoever with any insight for this issue. Should we consider Fuqua as a Goldman target? I'm an international- that does not make things easier but still curious... thnx-

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Apr 7, 2011

ekudekud is actually a kcidkcid.

I don't know about GS specifically, but Fuqua is a target.

Apr 7, 2011

GS recruits at Fuqua.

Apr 11, 2011

YES, GS recruits at Fuqua...every year..
@ ekudekud - no wonder you have monkey shit thrown at you all the time...

Apr 12, 2011