Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) or Deloitte Consulting?

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Hi, everyone -

I am graduating this year with a BS in Business Admin with a concentration in Finance and have two full-time analyst offers: GSAM and Deloitte S&O consulting.

The GSAM offer has the GS brand and is a FO job that will allow me to apply my financial knowledge from uni, but 1) I'm afraid the job will pigeonhole me, 2) I'm not particularly keen on working in strictly finance because I prefer a more "well-rounded" job, and 3) I will have to move out of state, which I am less than willing to do. However, I don't plan to work there long-term, and I think the experience and knowledge I'd gain would be great.
On the other hand, the DC job is solid as well, and I like the idea of consulting. I would get to do a little bit of everything, and it would not require me to move (I don't mind travel at all). Also, should I take this job, they may sponsor my b-school down the line, which is important to me.

I ultimately would like to do executive work for a corporation. I feel that the DC job would help build my skill-set for that, but the GS brand is just so universally revered and would give me a good footing in finance.

I feel I would happy at either job and am currently ambivalent between the two. I'd greatly appreciate any and all input you could please offer me as to which may be better for me and why. Thanks much in advance! :)

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Sep 18, 2015

GSAM won't pigeonhole you. You seem to want Deloitte, why hesitate to take it? It's a great job and plenty get into top 10 MBA programs from it. Don't take GSAM just because of the Goldman name.

Sep 18, 2015