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About 40 students interviewed at the Goldman Sachs Salt Lake City office a couple of weeks ago... initially they were told that results will be out around Dec 1st, but last week some people got a phone call saying that it won't be until the beginning of January will they hear back, while some were out right rejected.

It was announced in June of 2008 that the Operations division in Salt Lake City will expand by 100% (doubling from 350 to 700 employees). According to students who asked about this, the interviewers maintain that while they do have plans to cut that hiring by a little bit, the big picture won't change.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has any information that may be helpful to job seekers? I guess the reason why they've delayed their hiring decision is to see just how bad their loss in Q4 is...

Rumors, insights, let's share them here!

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Dec 2, 2008

but what is there to do in salt lake city?

Dec 2, 2008

Apparently it's their new major Operations center. I guess because of the location of Salt Lake City, the operations in India and the operations in Salt Lake can both service the global client list, since the two places are about 12 hours apart. That way, a client can be serviced either by India or Salt Lake, without a gap in between where no one is working.

Dec 3, 2008

I know someone on the inside there. here's the deal:

Recruiting numbers change all the time. Everyday it gets smaller and smaller, so that number is not accurate anymore. Yes they are expanding but nowhere at that rate. They are hiring more senior people with expereince than anaylsts

Also a few kids from Ops AND front office in NY and CA were basically asked/told to move around, with salt late city being an option. I'm not sure where they are now or if they took the job

People who they called: pretty much means if GS doesnt go down and nothing else too horrible happens you got a job

Dec 3, 2008

Thanks for the great information, Phoenix09!

So I guess now what I need to do is pray that Goldman's actual loss isn't 2.7Bn... lol. I mean, IF the actual loss was that much, what does that mean in terms of hiring the people that they called?

Your comment about the people that got called basically got the job makes me happy :D

Dec 3, 2008

They rank you after your interviews, give it to the guy from HR and he passes it up to his boss and whoever else is up there. The person up there basically decides how many people they will take depending on how things go. HR goes down that list to give offers. No guaruntees that if you get called you definitely have a job. HR might think things are rough and cut back anyway.

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Feb 16, 2009

Hey Tobleron, did you get the offer with GS Ops?

Mar 3, 2009

Thanks for asking Cheetos!

No I have not yet received an offer, but GS has not rejected me either. I suppose I'm just waiting...

Feb 23, 2016