Goldman Sachs Research Vs Deutsche Bank's Global Markets

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Hi Friends,

I need a little career advice from you.
Right now I have two entry level offers (Senior Analyst, as I have 1.8 yrs work-ex) from two investment banks out of which I have to choose one immediately:

  1. Goldman Sachs:
    Role: Support New York based Options Research team (Part of Global Investment Research Division of GS)
    Location: India
    Pay: Fixed pay is comparable to DB but bonus could be lower.
  2. Deutsche Bank:
    Role: Money Market Derivatives. Support Trading team (Global Finance and Foreign Exchange) in Frankfurt. Involves understanding of Fixed Income derivatives and a lot of coding.
    Location: India
    Pay: Bonus could be significantly higher than GS

My Questions:
1). Which offer is better in terms of long term career in Finance industry?
2). Which offer is better in terms of chances of getting into a top MS Finance program (like LBS, Princeton, Berkeley, NYU, etc.) or MBA after two years? (MOST CRITICAL)
3). Is it true that being into a research/strategy role one earns less money compared to being into an investment banking role or even into a support role for a front office trading team.
4). What about the company's culture and brand value in the market place from a long term career point of view?
5). Which is the better company in terms of flexibility of making career moves within the organization?

I understand that both the positions are based out of India so they are not truely front office kind. But still that's the best I could get at this stage of my career and the decision I take right now could determine my future career path. I Would really appreciate your candid inputs on this.

Many Thanks!

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Apr 5, 2010