Good Opp/Exit Opps?

I have an opportunity to work as a Financial Analyst 1 with Siemens. I'd be working in their at their biggest Energy Plant in the US, mainly doing cost analysis and budgeting on turbines.

The job description is as follows:

• Reconcile by Profit Centers and Account between 2 SAP instances
• Track Progress of Data Cleansing
• Make entries to clear SAP transactions
• Ad Hoc support and Reporting for SAP Migration Topics
• Project Reporting
• Kanlog Valuation Data
• Month End Report Downloads and Analysis
• Create and Update Monthly Project Cleansing File (Excel)
• Cost Center Reporting
• Daily Costing Runs
• Month End Report Downloads, Creation, and Analysis
• Opening new Orders for Costing and Product Change Material orders
• Journal Entry creation and storage
• Capital Expenditure Budget Reconciliation

The finance manager said there's a lot of hands-on experience with going into the plant and actually seeing how they construct the turbines, etc.

I'm wondering if this would be good for exit opps. down the road as far as Equity Research is concerned. Obviously I'm not doing equity research in this position, but I will be learning modeling and a lot of details about the energy industry. This is my first job out of college.. honesty is appreciated.

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