Got a final round for an internship at a tech-based fund, worth accepting offer if graduating in 2 months with no other offers?

Hey WSO. I'm currently a senior at a state school in the Bay Area and set to graduate in December. I've been hunting for some post-grad jobs with no luck so far. However, I did apply to a Bay Area-based L/S equity fund with a focus on tech through my school's career portal. Lo and behold, I passed the first two interview rounds and now I'm onto the final round (doesn't seem like too many people applied tbh, my school is not known for recruiting finance kids).

I'm excited at the chance of joining their team but I'm a little worried that because it's an internship at a brand new fund, there's a possibility that I'll be stuck doing a lot of non-research work to help build the firm from the ground up. As mentioned earlier, I'm graduating in two months and I have essentially no finance experience besides an online internship for a NYC-based fund where I did some DD for a PM and presented it to him and the CFO. I'm conflicted between accepting if offered the internship because I'm graduating soon and declining because there are definitely better opportunities out there (but time is running out for me). Does anyone else have experience with this or have any thoughts on my situation?

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Oct 9, 2017
Nov 6, 2017

what the f

Nov 6, 2017