The subject line says it all. I applied second round and just got asked for a finance interview. Any suggestions from people who have gotten accepted? What kinds of questions will they ask me? Is it better to do a hub or oncampus interview? What % of interviewees do they reject?


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May i ask what your background is that got you into an interview?


good job on the interview! :) HBS likes to probe it's candidates, so it's hard to give you a set of template questions that you could study. they'll likely ask about your background regarding facets w/in your application that interested them, but weren't fully fleshed out (of course the 400 word limit has something to do w/ this). They could ask you small facets about your job or specific projects that you worked on. They could ask you about your interests and what you do during your free time, and then use some follow up questions to really get into detail and test how much you actually know - don't try to bs! you have very good chances of admission now that you have the interview likely around 50%-60%. (although HBS is doing some weird stuff this year, given the surge in applications, with fewer admittances and tons of waitlist candidates in order to manipulate their acceptance rate/yield) Good luck!

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