Got an offer, but not sure HR told the truth..Accept or not?

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Job offered, but salary is lower than expectation, with no flexibility on the HR side (manager said HR is in charge). HR also tried to persuade me by saying that everyone has the same salary in this company, they just don't talk about it openly. How is it possible that 'every analyst has the same salary'? How likely is it that, regardless of their experience and qualification, people have the same salaries if their jobs functions are the same?

I thought the salary level depends on experience, and if the candidates in question have limited experience, it depends on qualification. Am I correct to think that they do have the money, but they just don't want to offer more? I would have preferred to be told that they have no budget instead of being lied to.

Not sure how I should make out of these. It seems like a tactic just to get people on board, which makes me think twice about joining a firm that has an unreliable HR staff, because this could cause problems in the future. There is no other HR person to speak to as far as this role is concerned.

What do you guys think?

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Mar 6, 2018

Put your concerns about their HR department to the side. All HR staffs are unreliable, and trained to say whatever they think they have to say to keep from paying you more. It doesn't really reflect poorly on this firm because the next one will be just as bad. Welcome to the corporate world. It may be a tactic, it may be the truth. At this point, it doesn't matter - they're telling you there's no room for negotiation.

As far as your decision is concerned, you've left out the most crucial fact: what are your alternatives? If you've got a better offer somewhere else, you can try to ask them to match it, but I'd be surprised if that gets you anywhere, given what you've been told. At this point I think you're just going to have to decide if you want to accept their offer as is, or if you've got a better option elsewhere.

Good luck.

Mar 7, 2018

Thanks, but seriously? All HRs are unreliable and unprofessional? And I should ignore them in my consideration?

Mar 7, 2018

They are unreliable in the sense that you, the employee, should not rely on them to tell you the truth. That doesn't make them unprofessional. They work for the company, and they will always choose the company's interests over yours. If they put all the cards on the table so you could pick them apart during a salary negotiation, that would be unprofessional.

Obviously, there are differences in quality of HR departments, and that can speak to a firm's overall culture. But its usually safe to assume: the bigger the firm, the more you'll hate dealing with HR.

Mar 7, 2018

Is this an 'analyst program'? If so, every analyst does have the same salary coming into the firm. I thought everyone knew this.

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Mar 7, 2018

When you say "lower than expectation", do you mean expectation as in you discussed a range with HR earlier in the process and they came in lower or you saw/heard a salary somewhere else (like Glassdoor) and it is below that?

Mar 7, 2018