Got an offer, but not sure HR told the truth..Accept or not?

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Job offered, but salary is lower than expectation, with no flexibility on the HR side (manager said HR is in charge). HR also tried to persuade me by saying that everyone has the same salary in this company, they just don't talk about it openly. How is it possible that 'every analyst has the same salary'? How likely is it that, regardless of their experience and qualification, people have the same salaries if their jobs functions are the same?

I thought the salary level depends on experience, and if the candidates in question have limited experience, it depends on qualification. Am I correct to think that they do have the money, but they just don't want to offer more? I would have preferred to be told that they have no budget instead of being lied to.

Not sure how I should make out of these. It seems like a tactic just to get people on board, which makes me think twice about joining a firm that has an unreliable HR staff, because this could cause problems in the future. There is no other HR person to speak to as far as this role is concerned.

What do you guys think?