Got offer for Real Estate IB-- I don't like real estate

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Need some advice: I've been offered a FT position in the real estate group at a top bank... but I'm not that interested in RE. Before laying out my options, I'll say that [at the moment, at least] I don't want to exit to PE nor do I want to go to Bschool; I would like to be a career banker or eventually exit to upper CF position in a large firm. Should I...

A) take the offer. It's at a great-name bank and is [I believe] a top group. See how I like it, and if I don't then try to lateral to different group within bank (how possible is this?). Here, I'm guessing I would be making the most money, on both on total and per-hour basis. Problem with this is that I don't want to pigeon-hole myself in RE.

B) don't take the offer. I don't have any other offers yet, but I'm getting interest from many much smaller firms. Assuming I get at least one of these offers, I would be doing something I find more interesting (much more interested in corporate finance than RE), yet the brand-name would be unrecognizable, the money and hours would be worse.

Any suggestions?

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Sep 21, 2018

You know what the answer is.

Sep 21, 2018

Ah yes, I know what the answer is. But for the sake of anyone who might have this same question, why don't you type it out

Sep 21, 2018

Take the offer. Make the most of it. Then lateral. You'll still learn a lot.

I worked for a RE PE / other RE clients before. I'm not interested in buying and selling buildings / land but you'd be surprised how much you'll learn about their business model, their fund structure, how they invest their money, how they value different types of propeties / investment. If you're lucky, you might get to work under infra / renewable energy projects / PFI bonds. A lot of RE funds do this nowadays they are either just in the forms of finance lease and sales back, direct investment in bonds / PFI bonds, direct investment in say a wind farm or solar energy company in the forms of UT/LP/SPV (1% equity 99% loan structure) structure etc.

I still don't like RE after 2 years but I love how much I learned

I actually found out I love infra and energy after having worked in RE. Hopefully I could leverage my experience and spin it to get lateral opportunity.

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Sep 22, 2018