Got screwed over

Hey everyone, need feedback on a situation of getting screwed over by the firm after they refused to give me full time associate position. Being an international student, it's kind of like a stab in the back from the firm after working for them for 6 months as an intern.

Initially, I was hired as an intern with a prospect to continue full time once I graduate. Worked on some pretty good deals and expansion related work which even the hiring manager and other senior management personals didn't knew. Also, colleagues sent recommendation emails once the hiring manager told me she would want to get feedback from the staff that I worked with. The latest was that they would continue me as an intern after my graduation, which if they don't I would have to leave the country. But that's a verbal commitment nothing in writing.

Any recommendations?

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May 22, 2021 - 9:07am

There was no other feedback to you at all? How did you feel the assignments went?
Sadly, if this is the OPT sponsor you would indeed have to leave the country.

You are, however, allowed to change employers on OPT if that is the status you are under. There was an allowance for unemployment under OPT, but I forgot how many days that was.

May 22, 2021 - 9:15am

I left a part time analyst role which was going to be full time after graduation for this internship. I told them this as well. Also, I stopped networking and applying at jobs because the hope of getting the associate role was high.

The only recommendation was that " the senior management had one thing in mind and now they have something else in mind". Will start applying again.

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May 24, 2021 - 12:08am


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