Got superdays but really bad transcript

Hey all,

I have superdays coming up at a couple BBs/MMs and am nervous because my transcript is garbage. Basically, I have three pretty good semesters (3.4+) and three really bad ones (<2.7). I'm a hard science major and only listed my major GPA on my resume which is a 3.3, although my cumulative is below 3.0. I have two summers of good work experience with IBD at an MM and some good extracurriculars, which is probably how I got the interviews.

There are mitigating factors for those three semesters, but obviously, three really bad semesters (with very poor grades in the two finance classes I took) does not look good. I was just wondering what sort of tack to take should interviewers have my transcript during the interview and ask me about it. Obviously I've proven I'm not an idiot (I go to a target and I consider a 3.3 in a hard science to be pretty reasonable) or lazy, since I've handled 70+ hour weeks as a summer analyst (and got a return offer).

I just want to know if anyone has any advice on how to handle aggressive questions about my transcript without sounding too defensive. Thanks!

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Sep 29, 2009 - 10:05am

Don't get defensive. Deflect the question slightly and bring it back to your strengths: 3.3 in a hard science major, good and relevant experience and proof you can do the job since you got a return offer. If you've got real mitigating circumstances you can mention them, but you're going to be much better off focusing on your strengths than getting caught up talking too much about the weak semesters.

If someone really pushes you hard on it, they're probably focusing more on how you can handle that kind of pressure. It's an obvious question to ask and a clear weakness in your story. Unless they're not paying attention to your entire package, they should be asking the question. How you handle this will be the key to whether you advance to the next round.

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I agree with formerMD, just deflect as much as possible and focus on how you did your IB internship, worked the long hours and got invited back. That would definitely resonate with the interviewers to some degree and by all means, make sure you have studied the crap out of the technical questions in the IB interview guides. With poor grades in finance classes that would probably be the area the interviewers would be most concerned. Good luck.


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Oct 1, 2009 - 7:42pm
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