Government advisory on RE portfolio - need help!

Hi all

First time posting in this subforum (usually lurk around IB as that's where I'm coming from). I've recently been offered a federal government role in real estate portfolio strategy. Basically advising the government on financing, asset allocation, and releasing their land rights to private investors. Job pays well and the hours are great.

Problem is - I'm sort of coming into this a bit blindfolded. I don't have any RE background and wouldn't know where to start in all honesty. The job does require some modelling which I have exposure to but not from a RE perspective, let alone from a government perspective. Would something of this nature be modelling intensive?

Where can I find tools/info to help me understand a bit more about the government RE space? All the modules I've seen are taken from a REPE and infra fund perspective.

Many thanks!

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Mar 23, 2020

Jerome Powell the fed chair is paid $200k and he has quite a few direct reports under him getting paid at $240k, which is the max salary for fed reserve. I'm not sure what you mean by a well paid fed government job, because none of them are well paid unless you are a medical doctor

Mar 23, 2020

Wasn't really the point of the post - but I think most people would be content with remuneration of that nature.

Mar 23, 2020


Mar 24, 2020