Government consulting within MBB

I'm a rising senior interested in government consulting within MBB and I was wondering whether anyone had any general thoughts on it. I just want more info on how recruiting/networking might be different, if the pay is different, and how easy it is to get put on government cases if just hired as a general analyst. Also wondering if location matters (although obviously DC would be king in this respect).

Appreciate any and all info. Happy Thursday.

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Jun 13, 2021 - 9:42am

Recruiting and networking are the same, MBB typically has generalist programs so you won't recruit for government per-se, but rather, the firm as a whole. The proportion of government work available compared to the overall total is location dependent to some extent, especially for BCG and Bain. DC will have the most, but it will still be available to you even at offices like NYC. Even if you hope to do government work though, I'd apply to the office that your school gets the best recruitment from, not necessarily the DC office. To me it makes more sense to maximize your odds of getting in period, then worry about landing the cases you want once you're inside.

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