Graduate Analyst Roles post military (UK)

Good day,

I wanted to ask for some views, insights and general advice for the predicament that I am in.

This year, I will be completing a masters degree in Quantitative Risk Management at the LSE and I will then complete mandatory military service in my home country (starting July 2020 and ending August/September 2021).

This happens to fall on most banks start dates for analyst roles (in London) but thats not the main issue as chances of getting into an analyst role without an internship in a bank is near impossible, even with some connections. Off cycle internships are the next obvious choice but those usually start in January so are not ideal either as I will have to sit around for a few months and post military, that is not something I will want to be doing. The only other alternative, which is a big if, is trying to secure an almost full scholarship for another masters degree (say, for example, in Statistics) and renew my student status as again, most graduate roles and internships require you to graduate within 18 months of applying, which is again an issue as the military service is 14 months.

So, in short,

Finishing postgrad this July and going to the army at home for 14 months. Want to get into mid-office Market/Credit risk or even back office (say in Finance) but given the time frames of the military service, dont know whats achievable.

-Chance of getting into Analyst role or even Off cycle while in the army?
-Do another masters (if scholarship secured) and try again?
-Try go for some place like the Big4 or risk consultancies like Marsh and McLennan companies and then jump ship later down the line?

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Feb 6, 2020