Graduate Early and Travel or add Stats Minor


I am currently recruiting for S&T. Fully open to Equities or FICC, probably derivs in Equities if I went that route or something more macro and faster in FICC like Rates, macro derivs, FX, CDS etc

I am currently studying Economic Consulting and minoring in general Economics. I am learning Python and interested in statistical analysis. Economic consulting coursework has focuses on Predictive Analytics and includes exposure to VBA but it is still business school so I have heard it is very basic exposure. Thinking about adding a Statistics minor as it would give me better exposure to statistical forecasting techniques and probably help me as I get to the job. I think a masters in Stats would be a cool degree to get at some point down the line as well if I am trying to go towards a hedge fund. 

Here's where the question really comes: I am currently scheduled to graduate a semester early, with the money I would save not paying tuition for a semester, my parents have agreed to let me travel through Eastern Asia for two months on their dime before I head back to campus to live with my friends, get rowdy, and live out second semester senior year without school. This sounds amazing but if I added a stats minor I couldn't do that as I would have to stay the full 4 years instead of 3.5. I still think I would have a blast if I had to stay the extra semester at school to be honest. 

What do you guys think? Currently leaning towards travelling but would like some perspective on how useful a stats minor would be for S&T and getting into a stats masters program as my school advisors are garbo. 

Cheers and Happy Friday. 

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