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So after much work I got an offer to join a 2-year market risk graduate programme at a bank in London. I come from a least developed country so I leveraged my full-time experience back home, a UK MSc, and a couple of post-MSc internships to land this role.

I have a couple of questions that maybe some of you could answer.

  1. Is a graduate programme in the same level as an Analyst 1? If it's not, once the programme ends are you hired as an Analyst 1?

  2. Practically all banks say that at the end of the programme you are assigned to a desk based on business needs and your preference. How real is the preference part?

  3. Is it possible to be offered a permanent role before the 2-year mark?

4. Is it possible to transition from a department to another once the programme ends? For example from Risk to S&T and vice versa.

Thanks guys. 

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