Graduate programs to develop quantitative background in preparation for PhD in Finance?

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Hi! I have a B.A. background in finance and economics. Looking to enter a PhD program for Finance but most reputable programs require a strong quant background. The extent of my math background is Calc I and Econometrics, earning high marks in both courses. At the time, I was more interested in learning accounting and financial modeling instead of gearing up in math courses. My long-term goal is asset management with a research component, hence the need to develop a quant background. I'm desperate to find program that catches me up to speed in preparation for a PhD Finance program. Does anyone have advice regarding Masters of Science programs that help with this lack of experience in my profile? Please list suggestions. Appreciate the help!

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An MS program is not the way to go because you're missing undergrad math courses. Basically, you're facing a catch-22 in that the programs teaching what you need won't admit you and the ones that will won't teach you what you need.

Instead, check out NetMath at UIUC. You can take the rest of the calc sequence and intro courses in linear algebra, diff eq, abstract algebra, analysis, and upper division probability. Courses are online, and UIUC is a reputable name.

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Great, thanks for passing that along. So are you saying my best bet is to finish that sequence in the interim through UIUC before applying for a MS program?


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