Graduate scheme application cycle

Hi, I'm joining the MiM course at LSE this Sept. Was wondering if I should apply for the graduate schemes in a few months or should I do it the following year so that I can work on my CV (not very impressive atm, undergrad biomed background with no relevant internships in consulting, just some general work experience). 

Would appreciate any advice thank you.

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Jun 9, 2021 - 10:59pm

Hi Gerrard, why not do both! I had very limited experience in consulting and managed to land a great offer. However, it comes down to how to fine-tune your CV to become a 'consulting CV'. Make sure you are fullt aware of the skills and competencies that consulting firms are looking for, and to reflect them accordingly in your CV.

More importantly, consulting is a profession which gives credit to whatever line of work you may be in. Hence, your past experiences will be valuable to recruiters from these firms, do not discount them even if they are not consulting internships!

Jun 10, 2021 - 12:16am

Hi, apologies for the typos in my previous comment.

Yes some firms (BCG as an example) will only consider your application if you did not apply in the year prior (hence application to these firms will havw to be done every other year). My advice here is that it really depends on what you will be doing in the year in between.

You will definitely stand a higher chance landing an offer straight from college (especially an MiM from LSE). Landing an offer after a year in industry is extremely difficult (i got my role after 1 year in the government, and my process of landing my offer was crazy difficult). So my advice is that you start recruiting for consulting roles now, get your feet wet into the entire process.

Hope this helps, DM me if you would like to chat as well, always happy to help!

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