Graduated from a Chinese uni - What's next?

So I'm about to graduate with a BA (majored with accounting/finance) the end of this year from a known business university in China, not a top one, but I do have a classmate that got accepted to MSc Finance in LSE. (My uni is in Chengdu).
My GPA is only average - 3.
Generally speaking, I wasn't the brightest student in class; my quantitive performances are just average, but I have great social skills and I'm a hard worker, so I managed to get decent grades, while was working full time for my living in China.
I can speak write and read mandarin in HSK4 level (which is above average yet far from fluent).
My English is pretty much fluent as well, and my mother tongue is Hebrew.
I'd say I'm quite old for where i'm standing, 26, because in Israel we serve 3 years from 18 to 21.
I did however manage to open a restaurant in China and manage it myself for a year.
Beginning of this year I got a job offer in Singapore in a logistics company, as a key account manager.

I would like to start a finance/consulting path next year.
I do not have the financial background to apply for a top uni for masters.
Doesn't have to be a top institute as for beginning, but eventually I do plan on working for a big name.

Question is, first of all, if my work experience can somehow contribute in applying for any finance/consulting related job?
Also, I rather establish a career in Asia (Shanghai/Shenzhen/HK/Singapore) as I want to make a use of my mandarin.

What should be my next step?


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Jun 21, 2020 - 1:43pm

Youve got a solid background. I would say that if you liked running your restaurant, you can keep working on that, try to expand it a bit then sell after a couple years. After that try to do an MBA from a good place in UK, US and then recruit for post MBA roles in consulting.

Jun 21, 2020 - 10:40pm

Thank you.

So in other words, your'e saying I should save money for a top MBA?
Is it still preferred to be in the UK/US even though i'm not planning on working there afterwards?

  • Intern in S&T - Other
Jun 22, 2020 - 12:36am

I suppose it's SWUFE? Alumni here.
My suggestion is to get a master degree from NUS/ NTU/SMU in Econ/Finance/Accounting/Data, etc. This could boost your background and help you land a finance-related job in Singapore. Then, after a few years of accumulating work experience, you could choose either go to a better school for MBA program, or get into a better firm in mainland China.

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