To preface this: I'll state that I'm not a Duke fan at all; I don't like the holier than thou attitude of the school and coaching staff. But even if you are a Duke fan or not an active Duke hater, I think everyone needs to realize it's time for the ACC to step in and suspend him for more than a game. Following his "suspension," (you can't even really call it one because it was for one game against a team Duke expected to beat by 30) he's been involved in two incidents. For one of these, he resorted to his old tricks of attempting to trip someone and on the most recent he got creative and decided to shove the opposing team's assistant coach. I do give him credit for at least getting creative and also you can see a video of his latest act here

What are your thoughts on this monkeys?

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I love this guy. Total throwback. Reminds me of Bill Laimbeer at that age.

I am completely tired of the new generation of players that just want to be friends with their opponents, trade signed jerseys after the game, pose for social media together, have sleep overs with opponents visiting their city for games (Chris Paul notorious for this) to play video games and grab ass.

Done with it. Give me a guy that just wants to rip your heart out even if he might be diagnosed as a psychopath.

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He is hilarious and love that this kind of guy is coming out of Duke, of all places.

While I think Chris Paul playing grab ass with his boys is different, I do agree that this kind of behavior where they all pretend to be friends with each other is bad for college athletics.


I think it's much more apparent in pro sports, but yes I agree with your sentiment.


Curious to either of your reasoning on why you think that inter-team camaraderie is bad? I know it's a different sport, but I think the NFL has gotten enough heat for the violence of the sport that the respect players are giving each other is helping their platform...


First and foremost: I'm a Tar Heel.

Last night was not a dirty play. That is a play Marcus Paige would have made last year doing the exact same thing...and there wouldn't have been a single word spilled about the "incident"...or Tyler Hansborough...or Antwan...or Jordan.

The only different being that they never actively tried to hurt/trip/shove people on the regular...

I do think he needs to be on watch and the next real incident should have him slapped with more than a game.

I wish I still lived down there...would love to hear the ration of shit he's going to receive on March 4th (assuming he's able to play...)


This was not a dirty play. Even Gates, the FSU assistant, said it wasn't dirty and no words were exchanged:

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