Greener Pastures: Entry into North American/European firms

Here's my background:

1. I presently reside in India and am in the 1st year of an external undergraduate management course offered by a top finance college in the UK - Course length = 3 years.

2. I started my own small investment firm where I manage some family portfolios and also am bidding for contracts on Vumero and Elance/Odesk etc. I also run some financial modelling and basic programming/math classes for some high schoolers. I'm also heading an investment society at a local institute and am also working on some finance-related research papers.

3. I've already started going through the extremely useful recommended reading list in this site along with interesting textbooks for MFE like Shreve stochastic calc. etc.


I would like to move over to North America (or Europe) - hopefully by next year. But find it difficult for the following reasons -

1. Visa points system seems to favor only those with experience and degrees. Despite my external course allowing me to move freely, it would still take 2.5 more years to complete the degree.

2. I'm unable to get any appropriate work exp., I'm attempting to fulfill it by running my own business.

3. I was thinking of entering through the investor/entrepreneur Visa programs but the minimum investment requirements seem to be too high.

4. Many of the financial services firms seem to be unwilling to sponsor visas to Aliens from outer space

5. I don't want to spend too much by enrolling on an undergraduate studies in Canada. So transfer is out of question. I'm in the process of attempting to save adequate amounts for Masters/Phd later.


Here are some of my questions.

1, Do you know any firm or a list of firms that would be willing to sponsor foreign nationals (India in particular) ? I'm willing to work in any investment management/financial modelling/investment research related role. I'm not too concerned about the pay or size.

2. Do you have any suggestions/ideas for me ?

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