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Hey guys - need wisdom here

I'm an analyst at a growth equity shop in a non-coastal city and am wondering how I should best time/position myself for my next stint. I'm enjoying what I do at my current firm and the fund is rapidly growing, but I just don't see myself in this city long term. That being said, I want to stay in growth equity (or late-stage vc) but want to move to the west coast to get closer to family. I am 90% sure I can get promoted to associate next year if I hang around at which point my comp will double and will receive carry.

My question is - Would I be better off recruiting after my 2 year analyst program as an associate (mostly competing with IB analysts I assume) or staying around another 3-4 years as an associate and recruiting for a Sr. Associate/VP level position?

Appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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Jun 3, 2021 - 4:07pm

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