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Hi guys, I'm a sophomore at a target and just recently got a first-round interview with Goldman for this internal support role. I'm wondering what I should prep for the interview, behavioral questions obviously but will there also be brainteasers and financial statement questions? Will I get technical questions and have to provide an opinion on the markets?

The posting is below - it seems very different and less intense than other BO positions like operations.

Any advice from previous SAs that interviewed for BO would be appreciated.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a new and expanding area of Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs Bank USA (the Bank). The Bank is a NY state-chartered bank, established during the financial crisis in November of 2008 as part of the transition of Goldman Sachs to a Financial Holding Company. GS Bank engages in a number of business activities unique to the Bank such as Private Banking and Hedge Fund
Administration and also sponsors a number of key GS trading businesses and lending activities. We are looking for energetic and entrepreneurial candidates to help manage, develop and grow the Bank and the businesses within it. Opportunities exist throughout the Bank in businesses such as Private Banking and Hedge Fund Administration (GSAS) as well as in management, strategy and finance areas.

" Helping drive the execution of the Bank's business strategy, working with a large team of cross-divisional resources (client teams, Operations, Technology, Treasury, Credit, Legal and Compliance) on issues of pricing, marketing, service delivery, etc.
" Participating in the detailed design and launch of new and enhanced products and services, and the creation of relevant marketing materials.
" Assisting in the management of our current and new products, including marketing, pricing and segmentation activities.
" Constructing analyses and models to help understand and analyze the Bank's profitability and growth on a going forward basis.
" Supporting sales teams to develop strategies and materials to win new client business

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Jan 13, 2012

I had an OCR interview for JPM ops and the questions were all about my resume and my opinions about the market, so theyll prob ask you questions like that.

Unfortunately i was trying to switch into the FO track during the interview, and ended up not going to round 2 (and not FO round 2 either)


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Jan 13, 2012

do not mention front office or investment banking. your dream is to work at goldman back office. have a good story and be able to run through your resume.

Jan 13, 2012

What are a couple reasons that I could say for wanting to work in BO? So far my main reason is work/life balance.

From your responses, I guess I don't have to prep for technicals or brainteasers?

Jan 13, 2012
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