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I was recently invited to the GS Internship Workshop next month in NYC. Has anyone attended this event in previous years or know anything about it? They describe it as an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming summer, listen to presentations, and network with employees.

I received an IBD SA offer at GS, but I decided to do my summer internship at MS/JPM instead. I'm guessing that this is basically a way to build/maintain relationships heading into full-time recruiting after the summer?

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Mar 21, 2011

I would also appreciate any insight about this. I made a similar decision and was recently invited to the same event.

Mar 21, 2011

Goldman Sachs dickswinging, some exchange of phone numbers, business cards. That type of thing

Mar 21, 2011

I hadn't heard of it, but I imagine it's right. I went through the same recruiting experience you did, made the same decision.

Mar 21, 2011