GS Leveraged Finance - Associate Interview

I have an upcoming interview for an associate position in the LevFin group at Goldman and was wondering what I should be expecting.

Background on myself: Current position Sr. Investment Analyst @ a large single family office with the majority of my time focused on the private equity and credit portfolio. I have pretty broad experience across other asset class investing as our team is encouraged to be generalists and work across the different parts of the portfolio. I am 3 years out of my undergrad and a part time master's student as well (MSF). I've enjoyed the past 3 years at my firm and the pay right out of undergrad was competitive for my current city. I started looking for new opportunities recently because the pay increases have been less than satisfactory and I want to work for a firm that has more advancement opportunities (hard to move up at a family office without the right last name). 

What should I expect in these interviews and would this be a good opportunity? I have had some PE and VC associate interviews as well. Kind of at a weird point in my career and not really sure where to go ,but I think I have pretty good multi-disciplinary experience and skills.

Appreciate any guidance. 

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May 4, 2021 - 4:05pm

You're going to want to know modeling and all the stuff you'd need for and M&A interview. You'll want to pay particular attention to credit metrics (5 Cs of credit are a great way to organize all of those in your head). You'll also want to know as much as you can about Pro Rata Tranche, Institutional Loans, and High Yield Bonds. See if you can't dig up any recent GS executions. I'd expect a rigorous technical interview with all of the classic, difficult cash flow modeling/accounting questions. 

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