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Hello All!

I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on the call I had recently with a Goldman's Operations recruiter.

I am currently working for another BB bank, and GS found my CV on one of the job boards. They called me up out of the blue, and asked a lot of questions about my current role, and about the role I want to have.

When asking about the role I wanted to move to, they kept narrowing it down more and more, boxing me into something very specific. After that they said that they don't have anything quite like that at the moment.

I would have considered a bunch of different roles, but she insisted on the specifics. Anyone else had a similar experience? Any tips on how to avoid being boxed in like that? I did ask if this was for a specific position, but she said that there were a few open.


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Aug 1, 2011

It sounds like you just need to sell yourself more. If THEY contacted YOU then you're obviously doing something right. Just speak in more general terms and avoid yes/no answers.

Aug 1, 2011