GS Salt Lake City IBD Sa’22

Hello! Just got an offer from GS to intern this coming summer with the IBD. I was under the impression it was shut down in 2018-19 through networking calls, however I still applied and got an offer.
Could anyone share some insight of what goes on in the IBD in slc?

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  • Incoming Analyst in IB - Gen
Sep 1, 2021 - 10:15am

Lol wtf that's crazy. I had also been told that it had been closed. Props to you

  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Sep 1, 2021 - 10:35am

Interesting--I also thought it was closed down. Before it supposedly closed, the SLC IBD team worked on deals with teams in other cities (e.g. NY, LA, etc.) You could do your analyst stint for a couple years, and then they would typically push you out to transfer to one of those locations... honestly wasn't a bad way to get your foot in the door back in the day, especially since eventually you could end up in a major banking city.

  • Analyst 2 in IB - Cov
Sep 1, 2021 - 11:27am

It was a 9-12 month thing. Pay is trash tho, you didn't get 85k it was like 50-60 I think

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  • Analyst 1 in IB - Cov
Sep 1, 2021 - 6:36pm

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