Guidance in choosing UD path

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I'm currently a sophomore enrolled in a non-target school (Colorado State U). I'm majoring in corporate finance, with (planned) minors in CS and Japanese. I've gotten encouragement during highschool from my parents and other people about taking Financial Engineering for my MBA, but I just found out after enrolling as business major that prospective students for Financial Engineering MBA are usually CS, Math, econ or engineering majors. I'm unsure if the path I'm doing right now is enough to get me into a good grad school for Financial Engineering. I'm debating whether I should : an additional minor in math, or a double major in corporate finance and Applied Math/Computer Science. If yes, should I do Applied math or CS?
I haven't taken any CS courses yet, but I think I generally enjoy math more. Which option is better? Taking into consideration that I might actually end up taking a different MBA program. Either of those options will put me back for at least 1 semester (option 2 even more so for obvious reasons).

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Oct 3, 2017