I'm starting as a FT analyst in IBD come July - living in Gramercy, working in midtown. Is it better to join a gym closer to home or closer to my office?

How realistic is it that I'll be able to get out of the office for an hour to work out? My bank, BB thought it is, doesn't appear to have a company gym. So I assume that when analysts mention that they get out for an hour to go work out - they're going to their own personal gym, in which case, it seems as though joining one close to work is the way to go.


Thanks in advance.

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I'm wondering about this too. If you use the company gym, don't you a) have to bring gym clothes to work, and b) stuff your work clothes into a locker, therefore maybe wrinkling them up and such? I'm curious if it's better to just go back to your apartment first, and then just head over to a gym in the evening close to your residence.

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ha - uhm but when in the evening? 1 AM? i feel like S&T people can go in the evenings, but not bankers.


My bank's gym offers free workout clothes (including socks, etc.), so all you have to do is walk in with your sneakers. I'd check to see if your company gym offers something similar.

Also, most of the analysts/associates in my group would work out in the late evenings (before dinner) after the senior bankers left.


at your apartment. It's not the best but it is better than nothing at all. Trying to sched.. it in with the hours is a pain in the ass. When you have some clear time then go to a gym, I just could never figure it out with how much time I put in.


Definitely the office. Most people talk about how they have a good amount of down time in the evenings between getting things done in the office and can probably squeeze an hour out of that "free time".

Additionally, I second the motion to grab some free weights for the house too. If you have the cash to drop, buy some Bowflex Select Tech dumbbells, they will be all you will need. If you have the room, you could grab an adjustable bench for the house (shouldn't take up too much weight) as well and if you aren't well versed in working out, grab a $10 manual of how to workout with free weights and give yourself 15 or 20 minutes to throw them around a little bit in the morning before you shower. This will help with muscle tone and what not and you can use that hour at the gym in the evening to focus on cardio and keeping off any additional weight from those late night take-in meals.

Good luck

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If your apartment/bank doesn't have a gym - NYSC has locations that would probably be most strategic to you (1221 Ave of the Americas, Grand Central, 14th & Irving, 23rd & Park).


Both locations to have flexibility. European brands/chains give you the option to visit all gyms they have in the country (ie in Sweden or England), I know that Gold's Gym in California has single-gym/multi-gym plans.

I workout close to work/in a different country during the week and close to home on weekends.


Closer to work since you will mostly go to the gym from work. I like to be in the gym before the motivation to work out dips and the desire to crack open a brew creeps in.


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