H1B 2014 -- Did anybody else not get selected in the lottery? What now?

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I graduated in December and accepted an offer from a big 4 consulting firm that helped sponsor my h1b petition (premium processing). Haven't heard back from USCIS yet so I'm getting pretty realistic about my status... HR and the law firm that helped me say we'll need to wait until official rejections (late May) to discuss next steps. Is anybody else in a similar position? What are you guys doing? Also, just out of anxiety... is the randomized lottery process truly 'random'?

I can't even reapply next cycle as I started my OPT this February. Sigh.

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May 9, 2014

not in your position, but very curious: i was always under the impression that if you got a firm (especially one like one of the big 4) to sponsor your h1b, you were all but guaranteed to receive it, barring some sort of felony in your past
what are the odds of this happening?

also, what is OPT?

happy to give advice; no asking for referrals please

May 11, 2014

There's a cap on how many h1b visas can be issued each year. When the USCIS opens up their doors for applications of h1b visas for the next government year beginning October (I believe it is in April of each year), there are many more applicants than there are slots on the very first day or so. It used to be a lot easier 8-10 years ago. When I applied back then, there were h1b slots available in july for october (i.e., 2-3 months to go).

OPT is optional practical training. OPT allows foreign students to work for a year without getting a working Visa.

May 11, 2014