Had an informal interview...

..for a large Boutique M&A firm. They are looking to expand in the country where I am working and are looking for an assistant to their CEO (who would be sent to that country).

During the interview, the CEO and me talked about starting dates (less than a month), salary.. The interview went well and the CEO said he d get back to me with further information ( Im guessing he s talking about the package). The CEO didn't interview anyone else as far as I know, it's a niche industry in a niche market and he s the new guy in town...

It's been a week and I was advised to send him an email but I don't think I should, I mean, the CEO is supposed to start working in Jan in a totally new territory and alone (hence the need to have someone like me). It's not like he will forget to contact me..

Any thoughts?

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Oct 31, 2018