Hey everyone- I've been put in a situation by my UC school that threatens my upcoming recruitment cycle:

I currently work as a summer analyst at a large ($2Bn) PE fund on the west coast. I got here because of my abilities in networking and interviewing.

I am a Math & Stats double major with a winter quarter GPA of 3.4
This past quarter, I applied for withdrawal from 2 courses and did not take their respective finals. I was later denied the withdrawals and given 2 F's, effectively lowering me to a 3.1 GPA for Spring '11. I can retake these courses, replacing these F's with (hopefully) A's next spring (2012). Unfortunately, this is way after I intend on starting recruitment (late August).

I have no doubt that I can get my Resume in the hands of MD's at BB firms. My concern though is that if I don't include the 2 F's, I'm lying about my GPA as it appears on transcript. But if I do, my already low GPA will be more likely to get thrown in the pile of rejections. I think any asterisk will prove myself too much of a headache and also get thrown in with the others.

Any suggestions?

To clarify, these 2 grades will NOT be counted towards my GPA once retaken.

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At my school, if you're currently retaking a class your old grade will not be calculated in your current GPA.


I had a 3.5 finance GPA after this spring semester, I'm retaking (right now, summer session) a class from a year and a half ago that I made a C in. My current finance GPA is a 3.7 because the C isn't included. Assuming I get an A, my finance GPA will be 3.8

Check with your school, you might be able to rig the system, then drop the classes afterwards if you're scheduled for 21 hours

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