Happy to give advice, restraining orders (ex gf and ex employer)

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Went through Jersey City family court as well as New York Criminal Court. Not sure if there are bridge burners out there. But long story short, no shame in either of them.

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Jul 10, 2019

So I have a frenemy that owes me some money. They were going through tough times and I went ahead and floated them some essentials such as food, utilities, and so forth most of which was paid via credit card. Over and over they said they would pay me back which is documented in both text messages and email.

Now that they are back on their feet, they are giving every excuse in the book as to why they can't return what I lent to them.

Would small claims be my best bet? Or is there a better way I can humiliate them one in the same by going on Judge Judy or something?


Jul 10, 2019

I gave a family member overseas money with no intention of ever getting it back. For an apples to apples comparison ... I once lent a dealer money who returned the loan with shitty blow. In Soviet Russia you must wait for your cut up bag of coke. Give it until after summer time to decide whether to 'prune' this person out of your life (like I did with the drug dealer until randomly running in to him hustling near Port Authirity).

Jul 10, 2019

How easy is it to get a restraining order? Do I need hard proof? Time frame?

Jul 10, 2019
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