Harvard, Princeton, Wharton or Columbia

I am lucky enough to say that I've gotten into all four schools listed above. I personally am not set on finance at all and am looking to ideally work in the Startup/ VC space. I plan to study applied math/ econ/ CS at all of the schools--other than Wharton, where I will study finance and double major in CS.

TBH, I really really love Princeton. It's one of my favorite schools and the academics are probably the best in the world. I don't plan to go to grad school, so strong academics are important to me. Harvard is nice, but I've interned there, and tbh, it's not all that. Also, I hate the way the name changes people's perception of you. Like when I say I've gotten into Princeton, people think that I'm decently smart but Harvard is put on such a pedestal that it makes me gag. Harvard people make it basically their whole personality, which to me is so odd.

Wharton and Columbia are out of the picture I think, just because wharton, despite being the best business school, doesn't have as strong academics and non finance alumni connections compared to the other schools. As for Columbia, I don't love the city too much.

Princeton is looking to be my top choice but am I making a mistake not picking Harvard? Thanks!

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Apr 7, 2021 - 10:27am

Go where you like most. During the college selection process, everyone tries to convince of going to one school over another because of their personal preferences. College is one of the last times in your life where you have multiple great choices about how you want to spend a large portion of your life. All of these schools are great and I have close friends that have placed into incredible shops across the IB/PE/VC spectrum from each one of these schools. Good luck in your decision and most importantly, have fun and work hard wherever you end up. 

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Apr 7, 2021 - 10:51am

Jesus. What are the odds that anyone gets into all four? That's insane man, congratulations. I would agree with the above posters, it sounds like you have your heart set on Princeton, and if you want to go into a non-finance area you really can't go wrong. Only downside is that Princeton is notorious for being one of the hardest colleges to get good grades it. 

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