Having trouble deciding between two internships

Hi, I am having some trouble deciding between two internships for the summer. I'm hoping oasis can help weigh in.

1) Business development intern for a non-profit financial advisory firm started by recent program graduates. I would work around 5-10 hours a week and mostly do cold calling and other non-finance related affairs.

2) Unofficial intern for a securities firm in China. The part I will be interning with is in charge of asset securitization and project financing. Since I'm an unofficial intern, I won't be given specific tasks or a particular role, rather I will be learning what they do for 3 months. The guy who is head of the department will personally mentor/teach me.

Both are unpaid.

I'm having difficulty choosing because I don't have an aim in the area of finance I wish to pursue in the future. On top of this, the business development intern option comes with a chance to become a financial analyst for the advisory firm during my final year at school. I just want to know which internship could possibly maximize my experience and attractiveness of my resume.

I plan to work in Toronto/North America upon graduation. I don't have a preference for corporate finance, just any career in finance is sufficient for me.


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May 5, 2014 - 9:21am

Any way you could work in both? If option 1 only requires 5-10 hours, but offers the potential for a better role in the future, maybe you could get both. If not, I think option 2 sounds like a better experience, but that is subjective, depends on what you want to do later on


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