HBS 2+2? Am I eligible for this?

Here's my info:
I did a 2 years stint at a commercial bank right after high school.
This was in Japan, my home country, and happened "before" I went to Georgia Tech(I went to college late)
After college, I entered another bank, and have been doing FX trade for a year now.

Apparently the HBS 2+2 thingy requires 2 years of experience. But all over the page they're marked "after graduation"
Then.. um.. am I eligible? I've worked in banking for 3 years in total but 2 of'em were pre-college.
The ebullient staff members of HBS just wont provide me with quick answers.
Need you're help guys, I know you're out there. =)

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Nov 24, 2009 - 6:59pm

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