Hey guys,

I recently received an interview invite from HBS for the 2+2 program and was just wondering if there are others out here so we can get in touch and maybe share some knowledge? I was aware of a HBS 2+2 group but it seems to have restricted access and I haven't been granted permission even though I requested it around 2 weeks ago. Please feel free to redirect me to any other relevant thread in case I'm posting this again! :)

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WOW CONG!!!!! It's 02163 here btw

Beef up.


Status_Quo: I'm not sure what that means (sorry for being a n00b)


whiplash - congrats! I'm in the same boat.. invited to interview. Also still waiting permission to join the 2+2 group...

Does anyone know what percentage of interviewees eventually get accepted?


Zoom: Usually it's about 50%, I think. That's what it said on the FAQs on the website. I sent you a private message!

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