Headhunter call debrief

Hello - just finished my first call with one of the well-known headhunters on this board (Glocap, Amity, HSP, S1, Oxbridge, CPI, etc);

Started off the call with some small talk then jumped into my story / resume; what I'm looking for, where I'm looking to live and a couple other basic questions like timing etc;

The recruiter mentioned that they don't have anything that jumps out at as being a good fit but would keep in touch as the market is active and new roles pop up all the time and requested that I keep in touch and update them as my search progresses.

This was my first call with a recruiter; I'm trying to understand if the recruiter politely dinged me from any opportunities or if this is a normal interaction. All in all the call lasted roughly 10 minutes...

Any insight would be much appreciated! Thanks.

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