Headhunting Side Hustle: (1) Collect IB Analyst Resumes (2) ??? (3) Herd Monkeys (4) Profit

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Use linkedin and bank syntax to aggregate analyst emails. Collect CVs. Plug into internal system (aka master excel spreadsheet). Filter by: IB Group, School, GPA, Location preference. Herd analysts into client office when they ask you to. How hard can it be?

Are there any HH on this forum who can illustrate what is so proprietary about their services? I assume the bigger firms lock in contracts with headhunters (not sure why the PE firm would agree to this) and a MF isn't going to let JM28 Search run their recruiting process, but I'm assuming some smaller firms would be open to an email saying "hey I have a list of candidates interested and they look like a great fit" or something to that end

Seems like they're grossly overpaid for how little they actually do. Zero overhead. Clip a check for every "placement". That's in quotes because it doesn't take much skill to throw 30 bulge bracket analysts with high GPAs in a conference room and see what sticks. These places must be printing money and they realistically work like 4 months out of the year. What am I missing? There must be something

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Feb 19, 2020

I don't know this space too well, but in the mid-2000s headhunting for temp/perm roles was red-hot (not quite white-hot) and headhunters were generating major commissions. I think now 'efficiencies' have entered (e.g. client won't give the headhunter an exclusive on a position to fill, fee ceilings) and its a super saturated market where these shops probably try to justify higher fees through differentiation (though not quite sure how well that lands with clients), but its really almost perfect competition where they compete on price. Cue marginal revenue meets marginal cost.

Additionally, if you send out a resume from someone blantly lying or are simply not at all a fit, then your reputation is effectively done at that shop. Given finance is a small world (at least in New York), it may hurt you. Thus, you'd probably need some quality assurance or diligence before sending over a packet of resumes.

Just my two cents.

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Feb 19, 2020

This is hilarious. Good stuff.

Feb 20, 2020