Hearing Back from Big4 After Career Fair?

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I'm new to this, so I'd be grateful for some perspective. I went to a national career fair to land an internship/full-time position in Audit. I talked to reps from each of the Big 4 Accounting Firms.

Big4 #1 wasn't interested.

Big4 #2 seemed not to be, but I networked my way to a social event in my home city (coming up soon).

Big 4 #3 promised me an interview that afternoon, but I never got a call. So I went back, and they said they got booked up and would contact me.

I talked to a swell guy from #4 for about thirty minutes. The tail end of our conversation sounded like an interview (hard questions!). Then he passed me over to the head HR person who asked me more interview-style questions. HR guy was cool too. He said I would be hearing them soon for next steps.

The career fair was on the other side of the country, so I assumed it would take the recruiters time to get back to their respective offices and route my resumes to the appropriate office for interviews. However, it's been about two weeks, and at this point I'm wondering what's going on with #3/#4.

What's a realistic time frame that I can expect a callback? And if they don't contact me, what's my best next step? #3 specifically wanted to interview me for a Fall internship, which would be ideal for me. Fall quarter starts in a month, so I'm a bit pressed for time.


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Aug 23, 2015

I dont think there is a realistic time frame which you can expect a callback. My impression of big 4 is that their recruitment is mainly done through referral and you should try reaching out people from your school who are working there. HR people are useless as usual.

Aug 23, 2015

First step is if you have contact information for them, contact them and ask what's going on. You'll want to do this because my second step might alienate them. Second step, reach out to local recruiters, but indicate the people that you met at this career fair. Assuming it went as well as you thought, you'll have a small advantage as you are less random then everyone else. If in step 1 they actually tell you it's not going anywhere, then you could ask for the referral for local offices.

Aug 25, 2015