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Hi everybody!

I'm an Italian student that will take the bachelor's degree by July 2017. I would like to apply for MSc in Finance at HEC Lausanne, so I'm here to ask some questions about the School and the admission process.

First, I would share my profile:
Economics and Finance bachelor at School of Management and Economics in Turin
Final grade will be between 105/110 and 110/110
GMAT 660 (V31, Q49)
No internship
IELTS score available by 3rd February (probably total score about 7.0; if not, I could retake it)

After that, I would ask if anyone knows the likelihood of being admitted with such a profile. Another thing that I have not fully understood yet is the obligatoriness of French language, The program is entirely taught in English, but it seems that French is required because it is the main language of the area of Switzerland in which Lausanne is set. Does anyone know if it is true or if French is a plus?

Any other information about HEC Lausanne is widely welcomed.

Thank you for helping!

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Jan 28, 2017

I am not familiar with HEC Lausanne, but what I can tell u is that if u r trying to work in Switzerland u def want to know French.

Out of curiosity, have u looked at University of Lausanne? I believe they have a strong MSc in Finance and many people working in banking in Switzerland have done their Masters there.

Jan 28, 2017

HEC Lausanne is part of the University of Lausanne.

Jan 29, 2017

Oh my bad. Heard really good things of UL

Jan 29, 2017

As R. Duke said, we are probably talking about the same university. For what concerns French, I know that it is necessary to work in Switzerland, but if I study two years there, I will learn French. The problem is if it is required before being admitted at HEC Lausanne, because my knowledge of it is currently quite elementary

Jan 29, 2017

I don't know if it is required, but you definitely want to know French if you go there. Everyone around you will speak French.

Jan 30, 2017

i'm an italian student too just graduated in economics at university of milan. i'd like to apply to Msc finance program at Hec lausanne too.
According to what i heard, it's not required knowledge of french, however it's obviously better to know it (i know school provides some french courses).
Aniway, will you apply to other university?

Jan 30, 2017


I have received a reply from HEC Lausanne saying that French is not required. It is mandatory only in case you have to attend the preparatory year. In their reply they said that the preparatory year is necessary if one does not fulfill requirements about Stats, Maths, Econometrics, Micro-Macro economics. Do you know something more about it?

However, actually my first choice is HEC Lausanne. I am evaluating MSc of Finance and Investment in Rotterdam School of Management, too. If I decide to retake the GMAT, I could apply for Saint Gallen, but I don't think I will do it.
About you? Are there other universities you will apply for? Do you know someone that already attends HEC Lausanne?

Jan 30, 2017

So, about the preparatory year i only read on the university page that is necessary in some cases (as you told me).
I think i'll apply for Essec and Edhec as weel, but i don't have my gmat score yet, therefore i can't decide my target university.
If you want write me on private message so i can tell you more about people i know in the program and other info

May 12, 2017