HEC MiM vs Ross Master of Management for an international student

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I am confused between the two programs here. I have been accepted to the HEC MiM and am pretty confident about the Ross Master of Management after the interviews.

My background : 24y Indian,Tier 1 univ, 740 GMAT, 13 months FT experience at CS risk reporting.
I would ideally want to work at a top strategy consulting (MBB,LEK)

Top target program in Europe
A very complete course.
Significantly lower costs.

I highly doubt that MBB or other top consulting firms are even willing to hire non EU students who are not fluent in any European language.
The course is three years in we take into account the gap year, and I would be going in with 1y7m of FT work ex. Would be close to 28 when I graduate.
Doubtful about the prospects for a non EU English only speaking student.

Ross Master of Management

There is no language barrier as such, so it should be a lot easier.
A 10m course, which considering my work experience would be ideal. That could also give me a shot at a MBA program in future if things dont work out.

Although Ross is a top Bschool, the Master of Management is fairly new, so again, I'm not sure if MBB would be willing to hire graduates of this program (and that too international)
The H1B lottery
Although cost is not as important, it is twice of the HEC MiM.

As there are significant differences between the two programs, comparing them is very hard for me. The most improtant thing for me is to get a decent chance (atleast they should be willing to give me an interview despite by international background and the language issues) at a top consulting firm.

Any views from seniors here would be very helpful.

Thanks :)

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Dec 31, 2016

Don't know much about Ross and the US market, but chances of getting an offer from a consulting firm in Europe without speaking the local language are close to zero... I remember reading somewhere on WSO that in Scandinavian countries and Belgium they also interview people who speak only English, but I don't have first hand knowledge on this.
In the main Western countries (France, Germany, Italy, etc) I don't think this is possible, even coming out from HEC. Of course this does not holds for English speaking countries, but getting an offer in London offices is crazy hard these days (i.e. friends with UE citizenship graduating from MiM at LBS told me they stand no chance, so I'm unsure about how you will be able to compete from a French school).
Maybe it's slighty easier to land an interview in Ireland or UAE (they recruit a lot from Continental Europe, but it depends on whether you are interested in the location), but it's a risky bet imho.

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Jan 4, 2017

Thanks a lot for your input. So basically that completely rules out any chance of a consulting offer in Europe despite the HEC MiM. Do they consider a B1 level fluency in French good enough to consider a candidate?

Could anyone provide some input about the Ross Master of Management for international students recruiting wrt consulting.

Thanks :)

Jan 4, 2017

you can find contacts of current students and recent graduates of Ross MoM on the site of the program and ask them directly. or even better, enroll in a webinar (also on their site) and ask Mark (Director of the program).

in my personal view, you should ask yourself whether you're way better than other students at target schools in the U.S. (to compensate for not having work permit). if the answer is no, then your chances are not as good, otherwise they are solid.

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Jan 5, 2017


Thanks for your inputs. I am attending a webinar tonight, and I did have a discussion with Mark, he said that having previous work experience at a BB bank is definitely helpful.

As for the US students at a target US school is concerned, I really dont have a frame of reference to compare. I have 1.5 years of work experience (although not related), and a decent GMAT. Apart from that, I dont think I have anything that shouts way better.

I am waiting for a response from the alumni of the program.
Thanks a lot for your inputs :)

Jan 5, 2017

Frame of reference in my opinion consists of:
1) work exp. - was it a big name? was your job client oriented?
2) ability to prepare for the recruiting process (CL, case interviews) - will you put a lot of effort and outshine the competition?
3) extracurricular activities - were you a professional athlete? or maybe you won some international case championships or national olympiads? or maybe you have nice volunteer experience

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Jan 5, 2017