Hedge Fund Rap Battle Round I

http://www.HedgeFundLive.com -- They call me Gut Instinctz and I'm lookin' out for green,

My daily P&L is always mad obscene.

I size up to the max when I'm trading Goldman Sachs.

The IRS cant believe what I pay in cap gains tax.

Watch me tradin' overseas, cashin' in on the short squeeze,

I never use a VWAP but I crush the MOCs.

Then I get lifted like an offer and hit the clubs like a bid,

You better watch your back when im tradin' Cisco kid.

The ladies drop their clothes when I leverage up in Lowe's,

And you know I'm havin' sex while im shortin' FCX.

And don't you dare call me a scalper 'cause I play for major rips,

Got Stevie Cohen on the line askin' me for hot stock tips.

It's no cause for alarm, when I decide to bet the farm,

Show up at Dorsia with Margaret Brennan on my arm.

All these pikers think they're fly, thinkin' they can sell and buy

But I just tell 'em, check out my ROI. Word to your mother.

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Apr 20, 2011

Lol in on this shit. Will post a private equity rap hopefully tonight, else tomorrow morning

Pretty women make us BUY beer. Ugly women make us DRINK beer.

Apr 20, 2011