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Just had a few questions about landing a job.

My Profile:

Edumacation: Just finishing my 3rd year in business, graduate next April (2008) from a Canadian university. I received a whole whack of entrance scholarships and again throughout my first, second, and third year (if that counts at all). GPA about 3.3. Majoring in Management; have only taken 3 finance courses.

Work Experience: Have worked in a Hotel/Golf Resort for last 5 years as front desk runt answering calls, checking-in/out guests, reservations, etc... Just promoted this past September to Assistant General Manager of hotel operations (pay still sucks by the way).

Volunteer: Position on Student Body, not much else to show for.

Hobbies/Interests: Play sports regularly: ice hockey, basketball, and golf, pretty much anything with a ball! I also like to keep updated on current events: politics, business news (mergers, new developments: RIM, Hollinger, India/China), health, entertainment.

Personality: Outgoing, very sociable, have never had a problem with friends or colleagues at school, well liked by teachers.

Intelligence: Never been at the top of the class, always the 86-90% mark range. Although, I think I balance the other aspects of life well: friends, sports, social life, family time. I am one of those quiet, but smart, but also friendly types.

Why IBanking: 1. I'm young (21) and I would like to travel. 2. I have no prior committments, I can pursue the world! 3. Excitment, risks, if I fail that's ok, I've got many years ahead. 4. I'd like to be a part of something bigger, a team environment. 5. While it is not my highest priority, to be honest, I would be lying if I said money wasn't a factor.

Now the questions:

  1. When to apply? And is there any detriment to applying earlier?
  2. Should I apply to all 30-40 or how many ever top banks there are in the world?
  3. Can I apply "globally", or must I list a city.
  4. I know it gets asked often, but do I have any chance at all.


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