HELP: 2018er 'WeWorkER' trying to break into IB/Anything Finance, any chance?

Guys I am in a really embarrassing and looking for any advice for career (and life?)

I am a Chinese native went HS and College here. I graduated in 2018 from a semi-Target school in south (with good alumni coverage in Charlotte and Atlanta)

Interned at a small IB shop in NYC in junior summer (the program wasn't for full time at all, cheap summer labor only), went to FT superdays in JPM, Barclays but did not end up with an IB offer.

Went back to China and joined the WeWork China, focusing on growth strategy & operations. As you may have learned the story about WW from WSJ or 'Money Stuff', I learned about that through my life and was laid off early October. My parents can afford me for for a MBA but more experience is needed for sure.

Now came back to NYC/BOSTON looking for finance opportunity here.
I know the windows for BBs and EBs are closed for me because of their very standard recruiting timeline and requirement, but do I still have a shot for small IB shops or AM? What kind of people should I cold email to? What skills can I pick up right now to better prepare me for any opportunity? ( Can do the basic modeling )

Please also drop any life advice for an unemployed young man if you have any, sometimes it feels devastated. Thanks

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  • Intern in IB - Gen
Dec 31, 2019 - 6:04am

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