Hi all,

This is a continuation of an older post (I can't post links but it's called "Architect looking to become RE Developer")
I am an architect who has graduated from UM in 2015 and has been moving to switch into RE development.
Since posting the above forum post I have decided to remain in the Florida area because of my needs for flexibility / part time studying. I'm look at enrolling in a Fall 2019 masters in RE. My goal is to start a firm of my own which is to say - a firm that acquires small properties in the South Florida area and conceives financially successful projects with an emphasis on design quality and urbanism. Perhaps after a few dozen successful projects I would want to branch out in other areas of the country or internationally.

The programs I am looking at for this goal are:

The Florida International University Masters of Science in International Real Estate
Univeristy of Miami's Masters of Real Estate Development and Urbanism

I like FIU's program for being more affordable, more finance-heavy (FIU's finance program seems well respected) and being backed by Florida East Coast Reality, currently developing the tallest high-rise on the eastern seaboard south of NY. I am however turned off by how it seems focused on realtors/brokerage rather than development.

UM's program seems more focused on development, has a Construction Management course and pairs students with mentors for their studies and goals. My hesitation is that being from an architectural background there may be some overlap in faculty and studies with my bachelors in the urbanism component of the masters.

An MBA is also on the table at each of these schools but I don't think it will be necessary to study 2 yrs worth of credits for small scale development.
I'm hoping that by enrolling in these programs and networking super hard I will be able to start a few deals after graduating, rather than working for an existing firm.

My questions for you my friends are:

-What are your thoughts on my plan?
-Will these programs help me and if so which one do you think is best?
-Can you think of any Alumni of these programs or anyone else whose brain I could pick on these topics? Specifically anyone who has attained a goal similar to mine of switching from architecture to development and starting their own firm?

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Your carreer is very important and this sounds like a good carreer move. Always think about what is best for your carreer even if it means your boss may be slightly upset with your carreer choice. In the end it is your carreer and not their carreer so make choices accordingly. Overall sounds like a good carrerr opportunity

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If you got above a 3.5 undergrad gpa, Miami has an accelerated real estate mba. It's an 18 month program that has you do an internship before you even start, and then a second internship before your last semester.


Thanks! I don't have the GPA but might be able to be accepted anyways. Could you elaborate on the pros / cons of the MBA vs MRED?


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