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I am a senior economics major who will be graduating in may with a 3.2 gpa. I was pre-med and then decided i really didn't love it and was doing it for the money. I do have passion for helping people and definitely find the financial markets interesting. I have been active as student body treasurer and investment club president so it's not totally out of the blue.

My internships have been pre-med focused and actually quite good. Have 2 publications. But i was wondering how I can break into finance/business.

Here are my options/questions.

1. I think business school is probably in my future./? I kinda think PE/VC is really cool/interesting/pays well. PM and HF is interesting as well to me.
2. I'm applying to some MBB consulting firms and other top tier firms but I'm pretty sure it is too late. I'm guess some no-name consulting firms is not good transition to business school? Any more suggestions on this front?
3. A family friend of ours is a wealth manager and he suggested I apply for non sales jobs at boutique wm firms. Specifically as an analyst to get some finance industry exposure. Then apply to business school and get your CFA. I know people at PWM on this forum but are the analyst positions more like equity research jobs? The BB jobs seem to be too sales orientated. What are my chances in AM?
4. I really want to go to a top 15 b-school and I know I can rock the gmat but that is a few years down the line. I just need some more guidance?
5. obviously ibanking would be great but from what I have been told I don't have the experience or the grades. is it possible to get into a boutique firm/ is it a good exit opporunity.

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Dec 28, 2012