HELP - LBS Master in Management (MiM) vs. ESADE Master in Finance (MFin)

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Hello everyone,

I have offers from both schools mentioned above and would like to get your views on the schools/programmes. My career goal after graduating is to work in Management Consulting (preferably MBB in Germany) or in IBD (London or maybe Frankfurt).

I know people from both programmes and all of them are very happy with the respective programmes. I believe that the MFin from ESADE will be more academically challenging and I certainly will learn more new content. It probably also better prepares me for a future job in IBD/M&A. The MiM from LBS has an amazing track record and great employment statistics, and LBS is also the better brand. On the downside, I will learn not so much new content in the MiM at LBS because of my undergraduate degree in Business Administration.

So I am asking myself if it would be better to choose the better brand and networking opportunities at LBS over the more interesting and academically challenging programme at ESADE. I would really appreciate your insights and views regarding this matter.

Thanks a lot!

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Jan 31,2018

I am coming to Australia on my investigation visit. A debt of gratitude is in order for giving me a couple of more reasons. Presently, I'm persuaded that I have settled on the correct decision.

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Feb 28,2018

IMO, LBS is a better choice:

  • Better recognition in both London and Frankfurt (cities you want to work in)
  • Know a few German students who did the programme, those who went back to Germany all found amazing jobs in their home country (MBB, top BB, some even PE)

I'd suggest you to reach out to current German students at LBS (there is a student directory on their website). Not sure if ESADE has the same thing, but you can still find them on LinkedIn.

Feb 28,2018

I know ESADE's MFin places very well in LDN BBs. However, be sure to apply for SI positions early in August (before you get into the program) given that Analyst positions are super hard to get without previous experience in a given bank.

LBS MiM tuition fee is substantially higher than ESADE's + the cost of living in London is higher than in Barcelona.

I am less aware of LBS MiM's placement but it is also a great school.

Feb 28,2018

If you want to study in Spain go for the MiM or MiF at IE.

Feb 28,2018

LBS for both consulting and IB regardless of location

ESADE is good but in London at least, it fails to differentiate itself from the other continental schools, and probably isn't regarded in the same manner as some of them (HEC, Bocconi, SSE)

Feb 28,2018